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The Queen's English is a business designed to help  writers with all dreams to receive encouraging and engaging feedback from fellow writers. We also provide freelance writing and editing services for individuals and businesses. Read more below about our services in What We Do and Join the Journey

And in the spirit of community and collaboration, I also invite you to read my writing. My current blog is The Queen's Journey. I have also shared posts from an older blog, thenoblejourney, in The Vintage Queen. And finally, because we all have binders and scraps of paper with miscellaneous musings that never see the light (but should),  I have shared a hodge-podge of writing pieces in The Queen's Scribbles.  



What we do

The Queen's English encourages and equips writers. Whether we are leading writing groups for homeschooling families or tweaking resumes, our goal is to help others communicate critically and clearly. Learn more by clicking below:

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Join the Journey

Join the Journey and become part of the The Queen's English writing groups, which are designed to give all writers a place to engage and receive encouragement. Subscribers gain access to workshops, lectures, discussion groups and more when they Join the Journey. Learn more by clicking below:

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